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Design & Space Planning

Simple is Better. Here’s Why:

Design and Space Planning

Technology can make simple things complicated, or complicated things simple.

Maryland Business Interiors’ ergonomic seating, furniture, and office products solve complex problems with the simplest possible solutions. And that’s better…

  • …for the User
    Simple designs with intuitive features and few manual controls are easier to use.
  • …for the Organization
    Easy-to-use products limit-or eliminate-the need for training for both today’s and tomorrow’s employees, resulting in one less process for organizations to manage. Plus, simple designs involve fewer changes, limiting the need for ongoing maintenance.
  • …and for the Environment
    Minimal-part designs require far less material and fewer processes-and that means less extraction, energy, shipping, waste and disposal associated with a product’s lifecycle.

Design and Space Planning

Services Provided

  • Rough sketch of the layout
  • Complete room dimensions
  • Type of products to be used
  • List of any accessories
  • Design specifications
  • Other pertinent information that will assist in completion of the drawing
  • 2D & 3D drawings of the furniture layout