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Intensive Use Chairs

Organizations that manage their workforce in multiple shifts can easily get three times as much use out of their office real estate as those that only operate 8 or 9 hours a day. However, specialty seating is a necessity for businesses that operate 24/7. Standard task chairs will wear out too quickly from constant use. The warranty may be void or shortened if a traditional office chair is consistently used for more than one shift. In contrast, multi shift chairs are specifically designed for perpetual operation. They come equipped with a warranty that is as robust as the specialty seating it covers.

GSA Approval Provides Assurance of Quality

At Maryland Business Interiors, we supply GSA approved intensive use chairs. This means each model has been fully tested to meet high standards for durability. Here are examples of the type of testing required under the GSA for an around the clock use seat:

  • Pneumatic Cylinder – height adjustment mechanism tested through 125,000 cycles
  • Fabric – upholstery tested for abrasion resistance for up to 30,000 cycles
  • Casters and Base – tested to handle loads of up to 300 pounds through 36,000 cycles

Additional components subjected to rigorous testing include:

  • Back Tilt
  • Seat Tilt
  • Arms
  • Swivel Bearings
  • Levers

The benefit of purchasing intensive use chairs for a multi-shift organization is immediately apparent in the high quality of the seating itself. Further advantages become apparent over time. These chairs are guaranteed to remain operational over an extended period. You won’t be simply buying and discarding task chairs every few years as they wear out. This option is better for the environment and better for your budget.

To learn more about the long term cost savings you can realize by choosing multi-shift chairs, contact our professional office furniture advisors for a free consultation.