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Presentation Tables

Do you have presentation room furniture that makes the most of your available space? Depending on your industry, you might use a presentation room for any number of purposes:

  • Internal briefings for company executives
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Communicating with employees about upcoming changes
  • Developing interdepartmental or interagency projects
  • Making a sales pitch to clients

Presentation Tables

When you select a table for this space, you want to choose one that allows as many attendees as possible to sit facing the presenter at the front of the room. An elongated table shape often works well for this purpose. Several smaller, round tables arranged in “pods” provide a more relaxed setting if you want to encourage discussion and note-taking during a presentation.


Chairs that swivel are ideal for office presentations since they allow viewers to easily turn and face the speaker. However, it may also be a good idea to have extra seating available in the form of nesting or stacking chairs. That way, the main table can be moved to one side and additional rows of seating added to accommodate a large audience.


Here are some additional pieces of furniture you might want on hand for presentations:

  • Mobile laptop desk
  • Projector cart
  • Wall mounted white board


One of the most critical aspects of planning is the acommodation of audio and visual technology that enhances a presentation without cluttering up the area. Your presentation room should be designed to allow installation of current technology or upgrading in the future. Contact our expert space planning consultants to help you design and furnish a modern presentation room today.