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The Economics of Ergonomics

The Economics of Ergonomics

Good ergonomics do much more than simply promote comfort and reduce injury risks. Good ergonomics increase productivity and employee morale. They reduce costs and contribute to company goals. Good ergonomics impact the bottom line.

The largest and most important asset of any organization is its employees. In addition to protecting that asset, a good ergonomics program is the best way to maximize its potential. The results are not only significant-they are substantial.

The Economics of Ergonomics

Companies that invest in ergonomics:

  • See drastic reductions in lost work days
  • Reduce costs associated with workers’ compensation claims
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Earn tax credits through compliance with building standards
  • Employ happier, healthier people

And that’s just the beginning….

By incorporating ergonomics into company strategy, an organization can create a streamlined business model that operates more efficiently and generates greater profits. It all starts by creating a better place to work.

For a small investment you can expect big returns. Down load our white paper on the increases in productivity by adding a few simple work tools. Articulating keyboards to take the pressure off your wrists, shoulders, & back. Foot rests to help keep your circulation moving so you don’t have to get out of your chair every 15 minutes. Desk lights so you won’t strain your eyes anymore. Monitor Arms and Copy holders to keep your work in front so you and at the correct eye level so you don’t stress your neck.

Components of a Healthy Workstation

Components of a Healthy Workstation

Five must-have items comprise the essentials of a fully ergonomic workstation. These tools work together to promote working comfort and health, while minimizing the risk of pain, musculoskeletal disorders and exposure to indoor air pollution.

Can you guess the five must haves for an ergonomic office or workstation. Take our test?