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Architectural Products

Floor to Ceiling Walls

Floor-to-Ceiling Walls

Faster, more sustainable walls that outperform drywall.

Rapid Time To Occupancy

Creates floor-to-ceiling space division with pre-manufactured modules that install without construction mess or waste.


Rapid reconfiguration with reusable parts, fewer trades and no demolition. With SCS Indoor Advantage certified components, TrendWall helps improve indoor air quality and contribute points for LEED projects.


Flexible architectural planning, expanded capacity for utility and technical infrastructure, and integration with both building architecture and systems furniture.

Raised Flooring

Raised Flooring

Make quick work of cable management with TrendWall Flooring Solution.

A low-profile access floor system for power and data

Practical and cost-effective, modular TrendWall Flooring Solution makes power and data management simple. TrendWall Flooring Solution is a snap to install and integrates easily in retrofit and renovation projects.


Power and data are easily accessed anywhere in the room just by removing a floor access panel. Powered by Trendway’s POWERPAC Electrical System, TrendWall Flooring Solution integrates easily and modularly with TrendWall and all Trendway panel systems.

Acoustical Tiles & Panels

Acoustical Tiles and Panels

Noise in the Workplace

Both our APS-3 wall hung wall panels and our HBS hanging baffles are designed to solve this problem. These panels have a high Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC). A high NRC means that the majority of sound that hits our panels is not reflected back into the room.

These products are very effective when the overall noise levels in an area are too high, or if there is a disturbing echo in a space. They also come in handy when the sound is coming from one source in a room, sometimes a machine like a copier, or even a person with a loud voice.

Noise Coming Through the Walls

Our APS-1 wall hung panel is designed to not only reduce the sound level inside a room, it is constructed to help block sound from transmitting through the panel. These panels have a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating in addition to an NRC rating.

Putting APS-1 panels on a wall will help keep the room quieter, but it will also help to keep noise from escaping the room. At the same time it helps to keep sound outside the room from coming through and into the room.

Product Applications

Open-Plan Offices – Conference Rooms – Office Lobbies – Reception Areas – Auditoriums

Lounges – Computer Rooms – Doctors’ Offices – Hospitals – Schools – Gymnasiums