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Conference Tables

Custom Conference Tables

A planned meeting. An impromptu brainstorm. A board room discussion. Tables made for coming together-proves abundantly functional, creating the ideal environment for gatherings of every kind. Conference tables are offered in multiple table shapes, sizes and finishes, including wood veneer, laminate, or with leather inset top that is anything but ordinary.

To complement the tabletops, an extensive selection of base styles provide aesthetic versatility while at the same time facilitating power and data technology for requirements spanning from the minimal to substantial.

Pre Owned Office Cubicles

Conference rooms support some of the most meaningful activities in your organization. This is where brainstorming happens, strategies are developed, deals are struck, and group decisions are made. Effective conference room furniture facilitates collaboration, communication, and comfort for participants. Here are some questions that can help you design a useful space:

What’s the main purpose of the conference room? If it’s mainly a place to talk, a table with an oval or racetrack shape may be best. A square or rectangular style might be more suitable for collaborative projects. Boat shaped conference room tables are a versatile choice for many situations.

Is the size and shape of the table in proportion to the room? One common mistake organizations make is choosing a table that is too large. It looks imposing and seats plenty of people, but once you add the chairs, it’s very cramped.

What type of table base is right? The correct base adds more than support and style. Its size and placement shouldn’t interfere with seating or people’s leg room. That’s a good reason to plan your chair purchase at the same time so you know how all the conference room furniture will work together.

Should the meeting room furniture be technology-enabled? Think about how many participants typically bring a laptop or other device into meetings to determine how many data ports and/or electrical outlets are required. Other technology considerations include video conferencing fixtures such as a wall mount for a flat screen.
Are there unused office spaces that can be converted into mini-conference rooms? Smaller groups can meet in these spaces to reduce overbooking of the main conference room. A round table that accommodates four people might work well in this setting.

Standard sizes start at:

  • 60×24/30
  • 72×30/36
  • 84×30/36
  • 96×36/42
  • 120×42/48/60

Standard shapes are:

Rectangle Conference Table

Square Conference Tables

Boat Shaped Conference Table


Round Conference Table

Oval Conference Table



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